shipping4 The shipping rate is uniform for all around the world

PriceShipping charges
Shipping charges
Hard container/box
$0 - $100 $25 $40
$101 - $200


$201 - $300 $15 $30
$301 - $400 $10 $25
more than $400 Free $25



In general, the shipping takes place in Europe from one of the central warehouses. As a rule, the parcel with your order from today ships next day or the following day except for orders that come on Thursday or Friday. In such a case, the parcel may ship on the coming Monday or Tuesday, if not notified otherwise.
Upon shipping, the parcel is registered at the counter of the postal office of the country of origin and provided with a unique tracking number. Feeding this number into the tracking system of your national postal service may help to follow the path, whereabouts, and processing of your order until final delivery. The experience suggests that postal services of the most European and some non-European countries identify the tracking number.
The typical delivery time is about 5-7 business days for European countries, 7-9 business days for non-European countries, starting from the day of actual shipping. Nevertheless, the European and the International postal services have their own pace to accomplish the delivery, speaking of which, we appreciate your understanding particularly in days of various holidays and other unforeseeable events in the country of origin and of destination, as well, that may affect the estimated delivery day/date.